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Earlier this year at the annual GEAPS Exchange in Austin, Texas, Albert Middeke, President and owner of the Arnold Company, had the honor of presenting the ‘Rhino’ Railcar Vibrator Lifter to the attendees.  Below is a short narrative and the PowerPoint presentation from the expo.

Rhino Vibrator Lifter“The ‘Rhino’ Railcar Vibrator Lifter removes the danger of lifting, attaching and removing heavy railcar vibrators. “Although very beneficial, railcar vibrators typically weigh between 65-85lbs (30-40kg), making the task of lifting and maneuvering them quite unsafe for one person.”

“The Rhino is powered by a pneumatic motor which operates a smooth and powerful hydraulic system designed to safely and easily adjust the vibrator height and angle with simple joystick controls. This enables a single user to easily lift and align the railcar vibrator to attach and remove it from the railcar pocket.”

“The vibrator and the lifter operate off of the same pneumatic line, allowing the user to simply switch air power from the Rhino’s hydraulics to the pneumatic vibrator with the touch of a lever. Custom brackets allow the lifter to be used with either roller vibrators or piston vibrators.”