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Piston Railcar Vibrators

The pneumatic piston railcar vibrator is commonly used in unloading compacted material from railcar hoppers.  Our line of portable air piston railcar vibrators eliminate the hazards and time associated with climbing around railroad cars to dislodge material.

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Pneumatic Piston Railcar Vibrator

Durability: Hand-finished bores ensure the tightest fit and lowest coefficient of friction to provide longer life (less wear) and efficient use of air (no blow-by of air).  Threaded and protected exhaust ports prevent contamination from entering bore and causing wear and failure.

Usability: Dual-diameter piston ensure the railcar vibrator will start up in any position without the use of a return spring therefore minimizing maintenance.

Safety: Eliminates dangers of climbing into bins and hoppers to assist commodity flow.  Pneumatic power enables operation in hazardous environments.

Simplicity: Compact designs feature a built-in handle and provide for more ergonomic use.  Wedge bracket tabs prevent the vibrator from “burying” in the hopper railcar vibrator pocket during vibration, making it easier to remove.

Compatibility: Our “Rhino” Railcar Vibrator Lifter is available to enable safe, single-person operation of railcar vibrators, eliminating the need to lift and remove the vibrator from the hopper railcar pocket.

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Model Weight Piston Diameter Piston Weight Air Consumption Frequency
        @ 60 PSI @ 60 PSI
1300 VMRR 76 lbs. 3″ (7.6 cm) 10 lbs. (4.55 kg) 18.5 cfm; 524 lpm 3350 vpm
1350 VMRR 93 lbs. 3.5″ (8.9 cm) 14.5 lbs. (6.59 kg) 21 cfm; 595 lpm 2400 vpm
1400 VMRR 165 lbs. 4″ (10.2 cm) 30 lbs. (13.64 kg) 25 cfm; 708 lpm 2100 vpm


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